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Welcome, you have reached the website for Tees Valley RIGS Group (TVRIGS)

We are a body of volunteer amateur and retired professional geologists responsible for geoconservation – that is documenting, popularising, managing and conserving geological sites of interest - across the Lower Tees Valley & East Cleveland districts.

Cleveland Map

Map showing the district covered by Tees Valley RIGS Group

This website is designed to provide a resource for people to find out more about the role TVRIGS play as an organisation, plus as a source of information for them to consult regarding the geology and economic development of the district.

There are sections covering...

• The area’s underlying geology and its origins
• Historical and modern exploitation of the district’s geological resources
• Downloadable geotrails to enhance visits to local geological sites of interest
• Projects the group are involved in and more.

We also intend to publish a quarterly newsletter with the first issue scheduled for December 2013.

The geology of our area has been both studied and exploited for hundreds of years by its human inhabitants. The local alum, ironstone, jet, anhydrite, potash and salt industries have all played a part in creating the landscape and heritage of the Tees Valley.


View of Hummersea and Cattersty Cliff looking west from Lingberry Hill


Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge 1931

From the clay used to make bricks, and sandstone for walls and buildings, to the ironstone and limestone used in the once-ubiquitous blast furnaces typifying Teesside, geology has shaped the character of this district.

The distinctive landforms of Roseberry Topping and Freebrough hill, along with mysterious fossil monsters and submerged forests, all tell the story of a landscape with a long history rich in heritage and interesting geology.


View of Freebrough Hill looking east from Birk Brow

Findings made here have also been pivotal in the advancement of geology as a scientific discipline. Look around our site to find out more about the area and how it has developed over geological time....


To download our Geodiversity Action Plan PDF click below:

If you have a question about your local geology, or a rock, mineral or fossil you’d like identified then please visit our Contact Us page and we will do our best to help.


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Cleveland-Yorkshire Coast near Staithes Duck Bridge, Danby Hissing Scar Huntcliff-at-Saltburn Kilton Mine from Little Moorsholm Kilton Mine Spoil Heap Marske Hall North Skelton Ironstone Mine Redcar Submerged Forest Roseberry Topping View east from Boulby Quarries View north from Skelton View north-east from Loftus Quarries

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One fundamental aspect of work done by Tees Valley RIGS Group involves compiling a Catalogue of Geodiversity which covers our area of operation - Geodiversity being the variety of rocks, fossils and unconsolidated deposits making up the district.



The area covered by TVRIGS, that is roughly much of ancient Cleveland and includes the northern parts of the North Yorkshire Moors, has a varied geology with rocks exposed at surface ranging in age from the Upper Carboniferous, ...



Part of the fun of geology is making visits to sites of interest, where the geology, industrial archaeology, or both can be seen in-the-flesh as it were. To help people get the most out of such visits TVRIGS has compiled a number of outings (geotrails) ...

marske quarry


As a body of volunteers Tees Valley RIGS Group receives no direct funding but can bid for small amounts from funding bodies such as HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund), ALSF (Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund), and so on when such monies are ...